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Nokian Renkaat

Nokian Renkaat

Nokian Renkaat (Nokian Tyres) – Finnish company, the largest in Scandinavia for the production of tires. Headquartered in the city of Nokia. It all started with a small rubber products in 1904, started producing tires in 1925, first for a bike, and after the car.But the company Nokian Renkaat was separated from […]

iPhone occupies 1,5 % of the global market of phones


As research company ABI Research informs, iPhone occupies a share of the global market of phones in 1,5 %. It became possible thanks to the come to the end quarter in which course Apple has sold 3,79 million phones.




ASUS is continuously gaining momentum in the field communicators, producing a lot of devices of different shapes and designs. It’s no secret that the next innovation will become a model of M930W. In recent times, was not interested in small form-factor record, as the Nokia E90 and the Toshiba G920. So ASUS […]

Nokia N95 8GB: first mobile phone to DLNA-networks

Nokia N95 8GB

Organization of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certified more than 1,800 consumer electronics products, which until now was not the place the mobile phones. But now the list of DLNA-certified products, finally appeared, and this type of devices.


Youth smartphone Nokia N81

Nokia N81

A new youth smartphone Nokia N81 is the second attempt to promote the company’s Nokia in mobile gaming content. As you know, the first entry (Nokia N-Gage and N-Gage QD) was not particularly successful. Unlike most smart phones the company is minimal, of the features at first acquaintance with the characteristics […]

Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism – Creative Technology

Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism

Officially presented the new mobile phone Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism is the fruit of close cooperation with the Finnish engineers, artist and graphic designer Frederique Daubal.


Vertu Constellation Black – on the wings of dreams

Vertu Constellation Black

Vertu is an elite division of Nokia, which specializes in manufacturing mobile phones, luxury for VIP guests.Owners of Vertu phones are typically middle-aged wealthy people who do not need more advanced multimedia functionality in the phone, or any fancy function.Owners of mobile phones Vertu love their phones for perfect, one can […]