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Euro 2012

Euro 2012– the European Football Championship 2012 which will be led in Poland and Ukraine and will begin on June

Euro 2012

Euro 2012

8. The official name of tournament – UEFA EURO 2012™ Poland-Ukraine. 16 teams which are broken into 4 groups will participate in a final part of the European championship: A) Greece, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic; B) Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal; C) Ireland, Spain, Italy, Croatia D) England, Ukraine, France, Sweden. In a qualifying tournament started 52 teams. The final part will pass in 8 cities of Poland and Ukraine: Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv, Kharkov, Warsaw, Vrotslav, Poznan, Gdansk.

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  • schedule of games and TV broadcasts of euro 2012

    1st round

    Warsaw, on June, 8th, 19:00 Poland – Greece (the First, TV channel Football)

    Wroclaw, on June, 8th, 21:45 Russia – Czechia (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Kharkov, on June, 9th, 19:00 the Netherlands – Denmark (the First, TV channel Football)

    Lvov, on June, 9th, 21:45 Germany – Portugal (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Gdansk, on June, 10th, 19:00 Spain – Italy (the First, TV channel Football)

    Poznan, on June, 10th, 21:45 Ireland – Croatia (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Donetsk, on June, 11th, 19:00 France – England (the First, TV channel Football)

    Kiev, on June, 11th, 21:45 TV channel Ukraine – Sweden (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    2nd round

    Wroclaw, on June, 12th, 19:00 Greece – Czechia (the First, TV channel Football)

    Warsaw, on June, 12th, 21:45 Poland – Russia (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Lvov, on June, 13th, 19:00 Denmark – Portugal (the First, TV channel Football)

    Kharkov, on June, 13th, 21:45 the Netherlands – Germany (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Poznan, on June, 14th, 19:00 Italy – Croatia (the First, TV channel Football)

    Gdansk, on June, 14th, 21:45 Spain – Ireland (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Kiev, on June, 15th, 21:45 Sweden – England (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Donetsk, on June, 15th, 19:00 TV channel Ukraine – France (the First, TV channel Football)

    3rd round

    Wroclaw, on June, 16th, 21:45 Czechia – Poland (the First, TV channel Football)

    Warsaw, on June, 16th, 21:45 Greece – Russia (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Kharkov, on June, 17th, 21:45 Portugal – the Netherlands (the First, TV channel Football)

    Lvov, on June, 17th, 21:45 Denmark – Germany (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Gdansk, on June, 18th, 21:45 Croatia – Spain (the First, TV channel Football)

    Poznan, on June, 18th, 21:45 Italy – Ireland (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Donetsk, on June, 19th, 21:45 England – TV channel Ukraine (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Kiev, on June, 19th, 21:45 Sweden – France (the First, TV channel Football)


    Warsaw, on June, 21st, 21:45 the Winner of group And – 2 place of group In (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Gdansk, on June, 22nd, 21:45 the Winner of group In – 2 place of group And (the First, TV channel Football)

    Donetsk, on June, 23rd, 21:45 the Winner of group With – 2 place of group D (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Kiev, on June, 24th, 21:45 the Winner of group D – 2 place of group C (the First, TV channel Football)


    Donetsk, on June, 27th, 21:45 the Winner of the Match 25 – the Winner of the Match 27 (TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

    Warsaw, on June, 28th, 21:45 the Winner of the Match 26 – the Winner of the Match 28 (the First, TV channel Football)

    The ending

    Kiev, on July, 1st, 21:45 the Winner of a match 29 – the Winner of a match 30 (the First, TV channel Ukraine, TV channel Football)

  • forecasts for an exit from groups:

    А: Russia, Poland
    B: Germany, Holland
    C: Spain Croatia
    D: England, Sweden
    Such is a forecast of German experts for an exit from groups. In turn, it would be desirable to note that in this list there is France, no Italy, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ukraine eventually. You remember that to Greece 8 years ago nobody put, and she became Champion Europe.

  • forecasts for matches on June 8:

    Poland – Greece 1:1 (why a draw? Poland isn’t so strong in attack to score defensive Greece many goals)
    Russia – the Czech Republic 1:0 (Russians very much looked well in companionable matches before Euro, there is every chance to prove the force on the Czech national team. Why not 2-0, 3-0? – because on gate there is Peter Cech)

  • forecasts for matches on June 9:

    The Netherlands – Denmark 4:1 (in this case the account can be 3-0,4-0, not essentially … Holland now is very good, Denmark defeat most likely waits)
    Germany – Portugal 3:1 (At all respect for Cristiano Ronaldo and his talent – more than one ball to Germans to roll up them hardly it will be possible)

  • forecasts for matches on June 10:

    Spain-Italy 0:0 (defensive Italy and Spain without David Vilyi, last time they and so sorted out the relations in a penalty series, now differently will be very much hardly)
    Ireland-Croatia 0:2 (not that that Ireland had a weak team, rather Croats impress with the game more often, especially Bilich remained with a national team wheel with which they showed very good results)

  • forecasts for matches on June 11:

    France-England 1:1 (can be and 2:2, I don’t trust in a total superiority of Englishmen without Frenk Lampard, especially at English national team after selection the trainer was replaced is not in their advantage. Riberi participated in a Champions League final, it precisely in shape. A global superiority of one of teams I do not see … unless at one of them there will be an accident in the form of a red card at the beginning of a match). Bookmakers, by the way, put on Frenchmen.
    Ukraine – Sweden 1:2 (can be and 1:3, why loss? Companionable matches of the national team of Ukraine with Austria 2-3 and Turkey 0-2 showed a catastrophic state of affairs in defense of Ukrainians. There is no Shovkovskiy it it is very bad, Sascha well plays in a frame and could rescue, but alas ….У Swedes safe and sound Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is an additional headache of our national team. There is no optimism about result.
    Ukraine – Sweden 2.50 3.35 3.05 (rates of bookmakers from the Marathon). Bookmakers actually rub hands from optimists, though are reinsured

  • results of matches on June 8:

    Poland-Greece 1:1 – result of the first match we predicted for 100 %. Hurrah. Dramatic nature in a match was though take away … and the foul of the last hope, both red cards and removal of the goalkeeper, but the account didn’t change. It was largely lucky to Poles to keep a point.
    Russia-Czech Republic 4:1 to Guess defeat of Czech Republic national team it was not possible, but a victory of Russians – it was possible. Unexpectedly weak game of Czech Republic national team on counter courses. Such feeling that the Czech defenders believed that Peter Cech himself will deal with all. Big respect of the Russian national team – didn’t expect from children of such successful game, GALLANTLY!

  • results of matches on June 9:

    Holland-Denmark 0:1 – the first sensation of the European championship 2012 in Kharkov (our forecast appeared absolutely incorrect). Football players of the national team of Holland lose to Danes. Causes and effects? It was not lucky? – partially. Arjen Robben often pulled on itself a blanket and ruined many attacks – probably. Rather weak game of Dutches in defense – yes, good luck of Denmark? – it is not enough. If briefly – the national team of Holland can pack suitcases home. The following game with Germans will be very difficult though Bundesteam waits the third game with Danes where they can extract the second victory, in case of defeat. With such game the national team of the Netherlands will lose very quickly.
    Germany-Portugal 1:0 (we guessed the winner, but didn’t guess the account). The squeezeed-out working victory of German team. Very rigid resistance of Portuguese, madly nervous match in Lviv for both teams. As well as proves to be true – one man is no man. One Arnyen Robben and Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t crack defense of qualitative teams, and Peter Cech – passed 4 goals from ordinary attack.

  • results of matches on June 10:

    Spain-Italy 1:1 (we predicted 0-0 and practically weren’t mistaken, once again we will congratulate ourselves). Game of titans. Smart level of football, мастерста, speeds. Though it is a little heads, but level of heat of fight, accuracy of actions the simply fantastic. Spain plays a little more strongly, after all were closer to victory in a match. Interestingly Italy how will suffice. In difference from the previous championship – very much very worthy level. Spain is so good that block them a way accident in the form of a red card at the beginning of a match can only.

  • results of matches on June 10:

    Ireland-Croatia 1:3. And again I successfully predict result of a match (my forecast was 0-2). Croatia pressurized Ireland and especially didn’t give chances to reduce a duel at least in a draw. It is thought, Croatia and Italy will fight very responsibly for the 2nd place in group.

  • results of matches on June 11:

    England-France 1:1 (100 % hit on forecasts for this match). Please own forecasts for this match. As to the content of game? Two teams approximately identical level, game for some reason looked madly boringly. The French attack, according to the logic of things, should “break off” England, though with overweight on one ball. It did not turn out. With Frenchmen to our football players it will be difficult, but England should be “taken out”. There was an easy feeling that the team of the English Premier league which finds on 5-10 a place in the Championship plays.
    Ukraine-Sweden 2:1 (the account is predicted truly, only on the contrary … that is didn’t guess with the winner). Well Thank God that won. At all I do not represent who could make except Shevchenko such double. Andrey Shevchenko two super headings brought a victory of the Ukrainian national team. Thanks, Andryukha!!! Pleased all country. Such heads I saw much in the championship of Italy when Shevchenko successfully played for Milan, exactly the last 2 years. In a frame different football players not bad beat. The structure personally very much pleased me. There were many old men. Nazarenko’s presence оч pleased, in general except Konoplyanki and Selin – all adult children left, which we perfectly know and not one year. Any experiments with youth. Game of the national team of Ukraine, as a whole, showed that it is necessary to refuse super ambitions on an exit from group, a quarterfinal and a semi-final – we do not hold out. After a match for Shevchenko defenders ogy as will look. And who is ready to assume game except Shevs? Probably anybody. After viewing of all matches of Euro 2012, I can tell that Ukraine looked poorly, as team of the third echelon. To the first I will carry Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany. The second echelon – Croatia, Russia, France, Holland, the third – all the others.

  • results of matches on June 12:

    Greece-Czech Republic 2:2 (Greeks ten together nearly didn’t win against Poles, Czechs in the first round suffered rigid defeat from Russian. Why draw? In general overweight in this steam on the party of Greeks, however a shell doesn’t get to one hole twice, therefore from the Czech Republic I wait for furious resistance which should pour out in goals. In general, it is that case when any result can be with probability of 33 % as it seems to me.)
    Poland-Russia 1:3 (Poles full structure nearly didn’t lose Greek national team which played ten together and showed very bad game in a match – opening for which they prepared very strongly. Russia can lose to them only in that, a case if football players leave on a match after a hangover, and such won’t be obvious. At Kerzhakov was in the first match failure, and it can’t be such long and catastrophic. Kerzhakov will hammer.)

  • results of matches on June 13:

    Denmark – Portugal 0-2 (Denmark isn’t so strong what twice to “cut down” a team top, against Portuguese mad motivation to win this match after defeat from Germans, they especially battled very adequately)
    The Netherlands – Germany 1:1 (can 2:2, I think a draw … Dutches showed toothless game in the first match, and we know their real potential very well, Germans will battle as usual … in general, overweight here it is rather towards Holland, than Germany.)

  • results of matches on June 14:

    Italy – Croatia 1-0 (I saw force of Italian national team in a match with Spaniards. Very worthy game, the highest class of players and very good speeds. Thus that I will support Croatia – they have a chance only on a draw, but in any way more)
    Spain – Ireland 2-0 (Spaniards will win, Ireland not that rival who can create them problems)

  • results of matches on June 15:

    Sweden – England 0:2 (Swedes very badly began, the team has no games … it isn’t present and at Englishmen, but a class of players unequivocally above, one Ibrahimovic in the field not the soldier)
    Ukraine – France 1:2 (very strong attack of Frenchmen will score and not one goal, so a forecast not consolatory)

  • Results of matches on June 12:

    Greece-Czech Republic 1:2 (eh, slightly nearly didn’t guess … it was necessary to Greeks to hammer once more) Quite natural result of game. To Czechs after rigid slap in the face повартило. Very strange played one their best goalkeepers of Euro – Peter Cech. Just with such also happens. Such stars also pass “fools”.
    Poland-Russia 1:1 (didn’t guess absolutely … almost equal game, without advantage of any one team. Somewhere Russians even were lucky. Russian at last fell from heavens by the earth after defeat of the Czech Republic. Now game with Greece is necessary to Russian national team. The most interesting that it at any deals can even arrange loss in 2 balls.

  • Results of matches on June 13:

    Denmark – Portugal 2:3 (the winner is predicted truly, however rigid “cabin” me wasn’t expected. Gallantly Portuguese and Danes – pleased with an abundance of the heads and very intense fight. Now there was one permit in a quarterfinal which will be played by Portuguese with Danes. And Danes here were lucky for already it is necessary nothing to Germany, they in a quarterfinal. Portuguese, as a whole, too get on the extremely unmotivated team of Holland, after two defeats.
    The Netherlands – Germany 1:2 (slightly was mistaken with the account ….всего on one goal. It is a pity Holland, but someone from this quartet should take off and, seemingly, that it there will be they. Though the fantastic option when Germany breaks the national team of Denmark, and Dutches is possible – Portuguese with the decent account … three teams with three points turn out and here then will be hot.

  • Results of matches on June 14:

    Italy – Croatia 1:1 (was mistaken, I didn’t believe Croats who after all scored the goal. Bravo Horvatiya! But there will be a difficult situation. To Spaniards in the third match of a draw, as a whole, will suffice. And what Italy? It is necessary to break off Ireland totally that is very real. In this group a real situation when after the 3rd round Spain, Croatia and Italy will have on 5 points and one of teams will take off.)
    Spain – Ireland 4-0 (the winner is predicted correctly, however defeat after all didn’t expect. As write mass media – the stick shoots once a year or two. It about Fernando Torres who issued a double in a match)

  • Forecasts for matches on June 16:

    The Czech Republic – Poland 2:2 (the cabin in the last round between Czechs and Poles will be serious, I am declined to neutral result, red cards and in general a hysterics towards the end of a match. Poles were lucky with Greece, with Russia … so long this song can’t last. The Czech Republic will give battle and will pass in a quarterfinal)
    Greece – Russia 1:1 (two matches showed that Russia isn’t so strong. Poland got away from loss with Greeks. With the Czech Republic to play a draw it did not turn out. The favourite of group – Russia will try to break off defensive Greece. Traditionally, such tasks at Russians turn out not so. My forecast – a draw of Russians and an exit in a quarterfinal)

  • Forecasts for matches on June 17:

    Portugal – the Netherlands 2:2 (There should be a difficult game … and it will be difficult that in game of Portuguese and Dutches a lot of things will depend on the second match. If Denmark beats Germans to whom anything it is not necessary any more – motivation of Dutches will be exclusive image of the country. If Germany wins a match – in this case Dutches should break off Portuguese totally to pass further. As it seems to me, the neutral account and the cabin will be serious)
    Denmark – Germany 2:1 (I think Germany will merge a match to the neighbors with the minimum account and or a draw … to strain especially there is no sense. I on a place of the trainer would let out the most ex-remental structure)

  • Results of matches on June 15:

    Sweden – England 2:3 (the winner of pair is predicted correctly, with the account – it was not possible … didn’t expect such good game of Swedes. In general Suomi super – was hammered to Englishmen by 2 goals and absolutely slightly didn’t reduce game in a draw, BRAVO!)
    Ukraine – France 0:2 (The result is predicted almost correctly, but the patriotic goal from modular Ukraine which didn’t follow was expected. A failure of the national team of Ukraine in a match with strong France. The match pleased with fans at stadium Donbass Arenas in the rain. It was the most cheerful in a match.)

  • Results of matches on June 16:

    The Czech Republic – Poland 1:0 (Czech Republic national team beautifully beat Poles and extracted the first place in group, after defeat from Russians 1-4 who go now home. Poland cries – Czechs who scratched a difficult victory in group, BRAVO exult!)
    Greece – Russia 1:0 (To correctly guessed account there was no ball performed by the Russian national team though the current of a match was predicted very accurately … in general a match in advance it was clear in everything, except the end result. Russian national team defeat in any way wasn’t read and here …. the goal on the 48th minute of the first time is a headache of all Russia. Greyish Greek national team (absolutely any, faugh) passes further and gets to Germany. Greeks to Germans 3-0 will fly or 4-0 ….no is exact that the heads in their gate will fly much.)

  • Results of matches on June 17:

    Portugal – the Netherlands 2:1 (results are almost truly predicted, however there was no one goal from modular Holland, Holland – Give, good-bye! Orange shame)
    Denmark – Germany 1:2 (predicted the account incorrectly in a root, Germans didn’t begin to give up and in the style unrolled the national team of Denmark, 100 % result and quite good prospects in a quarterfinal)

  • Results of matches on June 18:

    Croatia – Spain 0:1 (lost on business, they are weaker than Italians – therefore took off though aggressively battled and it is very quite good … gallantly Croats, perfectly proved for Euro 2012)
    Italy – Ireland 2:0 (this match and result was read up and down … 2-0 logic completion of disgraceful performance of the national team of Ireland, gathered points – a bagel … Give, Good-bye! Though we will note that Ireland had a group oh what difficult, it was not lucky)

  • Forecasts for matches on June 19

    England – Ukraine 3:1 (At England will play Rooney, at us under doubt Andrey Shevchenko. On a wet field Frenchmen in 2 2 2 2 goals, on dry to us shines whole 3-4. I will support the national team of Ukraine according to the full program, however at us there is not a lot of chances. Standards, rebounds, poisonings of the English national team with full structure are possible options of our successful performance in this match. Thanks to Blochin for a victory over Sweden, however with England as do not conjure – to win it will not turn out)
    Sweden – France 1:2 (Swedes have shown the skill in a match with Englishmen, than have deserved a praise from outside as the fans and strangers. Gallantly children! However with Frenchmen to them especially shines nothing, I do not exclude a draw for France all the same leaves farther, can relax)

  • Quarterfinal Portugal-Czech Republic:

    Portugal-Czech Republic 1:0 (Cristiano Ronaldo’s bravo! Everything that it would be desirable to write it from a match. Long fuss in a midfield, equal game in the first time and rigid pressure of the Czech national team in the second. Cristiano’s thanks that after all has unpacked the Czech gate … the children how many did not deduce on good positions – a full calm. And if instead of the Czech Republic there would be modular Russia what would be? Well before all – other game … proceeding from realization of Russians of the moments – to hammer more, than one ball they could not. At Portuguese Nani and Moutinyo ahead especially have not impressed. Team of one player.

  • Quarterfinal Germany-Greece:

    In this pair everything is clear. Greeks will open as a can. It Russians had problems with attack and at Poles … at Germans such lay down will not be, will pressurize and more than once … I think 2-0

  • Quarterfinal France-Spain:

    Very interesting pair, however Frenchmen will take out forward feet. France has shown itself in game with Swedes very helpless collective so Spaniards simply should leave in the field and to make the business. 2:1-in favor of Spain.

  • Quarterfinal England-Italy:

    Excellent pair. Whom I will support? Most likely on Italians … England shows very muffled, though equal game. I do not love Italian national team game, however they should pass further. 1:0

  • Result of a match Germany-Greece:

    Germany-Greece 4:2 (Has guessed a victory of Germans and a difference in 2 balls, however defeat ellins in 4 goals in the head did not keep within. But, as a whole, it is very glad that the match has turned out such. It is very pleasant that Germans have dipped Greeks where it is necessary, for this team has appeared not on the place. It was necessary to take off from group, is not present … battled, have finished badly.)

  • Result of a match France-Spain:

    France-Spain 0:2 (the goal of Frenchmen nevertheless became ripe, but have not hammered. And so, as a whole, excellent qualitative forecast. Spain goes further on Portugal. We wait for the last match in Kiev. I want to note that Frenchmen not bad fought, but very boringly it everything looked. On a class they have driven Ukrainians, and Spaniards on a class have driven from. Even it was pleasant to observe.)

  • Result of a match England-Italy:

    England-Italy (0:0, on a penalty 2-4) Absolutely natural account. England was not stronger than the Italian national team. Had the quite good moments, but has not realized them – as a result – a penalty series where Buffon has once again confirmed that he is the super goalkeeper.) But, I want to notice that if on a place of England there would be Ukraine – would crush us up and down. For this reason in a quarterfinal should play teams which will create a match intrigue, and not the reverse.

  • Semi-final Germany-Italy:

    The result of a match Germany-Italy initially was not in favor of Germans. German national team if I am not mistaken, cannot win very long ago Italians, as it is not surprising. 2-1 in favor of Italy – such is natural the match account, whether though so it? Rather 3-0 in favor of Italy would be the most logical on a match current. Italians surpassed the German national team in quality of game and on thinking level. Bravo Italy. Germany, give good-bye!

  • Semi-final Spain-Portugal:

    In this pair I have been absolutely confident in a victory of Spaniards during the main time. For this purpose there were all preconditions. Apparently, Spaniards have sat down physically if could not open defense of the Portuguese national team. In a series of a penalty it was lucky Spaniards. For it is lucky the strongest. Very to punch a penalty to Cristiano Ronaldo has not reached. Ronaldo plays in one team with Casillas is and was his main headache. Was frightened – here and all answer.
    0:0 (on foams 4:2 in favor of Spain)

  • Ending Spain-Italy:

    This pair already met among themselves in group and has finished a match with the score 0-0. This time teams were played. Have got a bit tired, but have already played enough. Italians became better, Spaniards “have sat down”. The victory of Italian national team which “has taken out” football players of German national team feet forward looks logical. If there will be penalties – nobody will be surprised, so it is time to football players to fulfill blows.

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