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Online Expo

Online Expo

Online Expo

Online Expo – Kiev ‘s popular exhibition , where visitors can find the ” recent ” announcements of exhibitions in the capital as the most respected venues , and in the small exhibition venues in the city of Kiev.

The most popular exhibition ” Garden . Garden ” , an exhibition of dogs, cats , butterflies , flowers, travel , construction exhibition ” Hunting and Fishing ” , exhibition of footwear, Transformers , exhibition for children , wedding , exhibition of handicrafts, violets , furniture , jewelery exhibition ,art exhibitions, motorcycle show, exhibition beauty , industrial exhibitions , dental exhibition stones dinosaurs , pigeons , pictures, robots , clothing, agricultural shows , bicycles , agro-industrial , exhibition of dolls , cosmetics, fur hairdressing art, design, weapons , seeds , real estate, franchising , education, textiles , birds, stationery, franchises machines.

List of all exhibitions in Kiev in 2014 , see the calendar on the site ONLINE EXPO.

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