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World of virtual reality with the eMagin Z800 3D Visor

eMagin Z800 3D Visor

eMagin Z800 3D Visor

If you’re a real gamer, uses the most unusual keyboards, mouse, joysticks and consoles to create the most realistic sensations obtained during the game, you probably have at least a cursory understanding of the 3D stereo glasses, and helmets virtual realitythat enable radically change the understanding of thethat is a real 3D game.

 In general, the virtual reality industry is relatively young, helmets first appeared about 10 years ago.At that time, the notion of virtual reality helmets best described by the market solutions that have been made in the shape of this helmet weighing several kilograms, and resembles a helmet «Luke Skywalker».The quality and ability of helmets the first generation, in those times were simply fantastic, but very high price made virtual reality available only elected. The others remained only envy, and in dreams represent how cool to play Doom 2 in the helmet.

But it was at the very beginning. As a consequence, many manufacturers have submitted their own realization of the effect of virtual reality.Thus, the market appeared inexpensive glasses, glasses which have an active LCD shutter opens with a high frequency, and in sequence, allowing you to create a sense of volume, when the plane of the screen ceases to be a barrier between the user and the virtual game space.Now, the objects can «go» outside the monitor, creating the most unusual effects and unpredictable user reactions. However, such points can only create an effect of the stereo image, but the immersion in virtual reality to get through them is very difficult.In this case, come to the aid of different helmets, which have recently become very similar to the glasses, but because of the presence of their own monitors, and a number of additional devices, we call them helmets.A long time on the market present a model of helmets with built monitors that were completed on technology LCOS (some sort of LCD display panels), which until recently were considered the most advanced in terms of quality,and in terms of the depth of the effect of immersion in virtual reality.Change the situation was relatively recently, when a small company eMagin, – a leader in the manufacture of OLED displays, presented her release a virtual reality helmet, which in many ways as clearly superior to other models presented in the market.
Helmet eMagin Z800 3D Visor is very similar to many other models, but this is just a first impression. In fact, the design of eMagin Z800 3D Visor has many unique features.

 OLED technology has become actively used in consumer devices are relatively recent.Unlike LCD screens, where a bright white light illumination, passing through the gates, and active matrix color filters to generate a picture in OLED technology, each pixel is composed of three microscopic size organic light-emitting diodes, emit light,thus significantly improve image quality,provide the appropriate level of brightness and contrast.In addition, these displays have a sufficiently high response times and resolution (800×600), the same as in the best models of helmets with the active matrix.

The optical design of each monitor provides a unique effect of «presence in cinema» in front of a large screen diagonal of which is 105 inches at a distance of 3.5 meters, which is especially important when watching video, especially in the stereo edition, which creates a real sense of presence in IMAX.

 Incidentally, another unique feature eMagin Z800 3D Visor, the possibility of working in 2D mode, including mode «desktop».In doing so, the quality and clarity of the image remains on the top.

 Understand the characteristics of mikrodispleev, you can begin to consider the overall design of eMagin Z800 3D Visor, which, as we said above, here a lot.

Let’s begin with one of the most important features of a virtual reality helmet, – fixation stiffness and comfort for the user.The point is that during the active game, loose helmet can move on its initial position, which causes change of the optical axes, and consequently the destruction of the stereo image.To solve this problem, the developers of eMagin Z800 3D Visor, a number of interesting design solutions that combine optimal weight of the assembly (total 230 grams), a set of rigid and flexible mountings, as well as an opportunity to adjust the situation mikrodispleev,including the distance between the optical axis,that achieves the highest precision on virtually any user.

 To ensure the most natural behavior of the player in the proposed conditions, the helmet eMagin Z800 3D Visor is equipped with so-called trackers, allowing the device to determine the position of the player in space.With the help of the function mouselook, which is used in modern games for the panoramic view of space. In other words, during the game it is enough to turn heads in the side and you can see what is happening right and left of you.As a result, management of the game becomes more natural and intuitive. In addition, using the tracker, you can manage the position of the cursor on the desktop, which is important for people with disabilities.

And, last, feature, about which we would like to mention – the built-in microphone and headphones, which will create the most complete effect of the presence, but in our view, to the greatest effect, it is better to use additional headsets that support the standard 5.1.

For people, for the first time confronted with a virtual reality helmet, it might be interesting to know how difficult it is to connect and configure it. As a matter of fact it is not complicated, and the connection takes only minutes, including time to install the software.

So, in addition to the helmet in the language has a controller that connects to the VGA output video card. Normal monitor connects to the VGA output of the controller. In addition, you will need to connect the controller to the USB port on your computer. This is necessary for feeding and management of the helmet.Additionally, you can use the audio jacks for headphones and built-working microphone.

 Describe the feeling of using a virtual reality helmet eMagin Z800 3D Visor is very difficult.Those of you who are first confronted with this technology will have a very rich bouquet of positive emotions and a sense of deep immersion in the game situation, then, play 3D games on a standard monitor, you will not be able to.For this category of users, we would like to make several recommendations for the safe, in terms of health, the use of helmets eMagin Z800 3D Visor.In particular, the manual is recommended to use the glasses no more than an hour, after which it is necessary to make a 10-15 minute break.However, we recommend to reduce the active time to 30 minutes with 10 minute intervals, or adjust the time of active game session to the most comfortable level for you, most importantly, remember that if you do not feel tired eyes, it does not mean that you can continue to play.

Those who have already used the goggles and helmets previous generation would certainly appreciate not only the possibility of new OLED displays, which have made the picture more vivid and lively, but also a number of constructive solutions, such as light weight, ease of mounting,flexibility to change the position mikrodispleev, and, of course, an integrated tracker, which is, in our opinion,necessary to create the most complete sense of immersion in virtual reality.

 The combination of the above features, allowing take eMagin Z800 3D Visor helmet first, created in full accordance with the requirements of the modern user.It seems that by creating this product, the developers decided to radically change the market for virtual reality, offering new levels of quality and opportunities for quite moderate money. Incidentally, with regard to price, the helmet eMagin Z800 3D Visor is worth $ 1349..

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