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Toshiba introduced new models of LCD TVs in the Regza Z series

Toshiba Regza ZX8000

Toshiba Regza ZX8000

 Japanese company Toshiba officially announced the release of a whole galaxy of new widescreen LCD TVs of the Regza family with a diagonal screen from 37 to 55 inches. New items grouped in three series: ZX8000, ZH8000 and Z8000.The first series is represented by two models with a diagonal of 55 and 46 inches: 55ZX8000 and 46ZX8000. In a series of ZH8000 include modifications 55ZH8000 and 47ZH8000 screen 55 and 47 inches. In turn, the Z8000 has collected a series of three models with a diagonal 47, 42 and 37 inches: 47Z8000, 42Z8000 and 37Z8000.

New TVs equipped with LCD panels with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and the ratio 16:9. The manufacturer calls them “Full-HD Clear Panel“, hinting, perhaps, to belong to the category of Full HD and the glossy cover. Covers all the television sets manufactured by technology IPS, which guarantee excellent color reproduction and wide viewing angles up to 178 ˚ for vertical and horizontal plane. It should be noted that the two models, a senior ZX8000 series are equipped with LED  backlight. This will reduce energy consumption, improve color and increase the coverage of a dynamic contrast ratio up to an incredible value  2000 000 : 1. With respect to devices of a series of ZH8000 and Z8000, they can not boast of such a contrast because of the traditional lighting equipment for fluorescent lamps (CCFL), the main advantage of which is the relative cheapness.

Other features of the new flat panel TVs Toshiba Regza would provide an opportunity to receive the digital signal processing and analog broadcasts, 14-bit video processing, human-scan double-frequency function “W Scan Double Speed“,embedded audio speakers with power of 10 W, a rich set of inputs and outputs,vklyuchayushtiy интерфейсы HDMI 1.3a, USB and i.Link (FireWire). Through networking opportunities and support for DLNA protocol all the machines are able to retrieve multimedia data from the Internet or transmit them to the home computer.Toshiba engineers also provided for some opportunity to record TV programs on an embedded hard drive. Television in a series of ZH8000 equipped with 300-GB hard drive, which, according to the developers, can seat up to 29 hours of good quality.

The manufacturer plans to begin selling the new LCD TVs in the middle of the current quarter. The first buyers will be people of Japan. As expected, older 55-inch model of the ZX8000 series with LED backlighting will be sold on the Japanese market at a price of just under $ 6000.Youngest model in the series of Z8000 with a diagonal screen 37 inches will be assessed at about $ 2600..

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  • Rita Abdelwahed

    It is my opinion diferrent because my family use another brand like LG .It’s pleasant and save prices.But next TV Let me consider this to be this TV for which you present.Thank!!!

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