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Danish brand OLMO Industries Ltd. – Produces a new generation of HVAC equipment. Design of devices made ​​with innovative engineering solutions. At the head of these developments – technology and materials of tomorrow. A basic, OLMO devices are designed to fit perfectly and the feelings and needs of the buyer. Compact, stylish design, high performance […]


The company is represented by the best climatic OSAKA technique, created by experts for a comfortable microclimate. On the quality of equipment and volume production, the plant which manufactured air conditioners OSAKA, is in the top ten leading manufacturers of climate – the machinery in the world, working closely in technical and financial linkages with […]



ASUS is continuously gaining momentum in the field communicators, producing a lot of devices of different shapes and designs. It’s no secret that the next innovation will become a model of M930W. In recent times, was not interested in small form-factor record, as the Nokia E90 and the Toshiba G920. So ASUS […]

New Wi-Fi photo frames Toshiba JournE Air

JournE Air 1000

The European division of Toshiba has announced an early market entry of two new digital photo, which will become part of product line JournE Air. A feature is the availability of new wireless communication module Wi-Fi.


Toshiba introduced new models of LCD TVs in the Regza Z series

Toshiba Regza ZX8000

Japanese company Toshiba officially announced the release of a whole galaxy of new widescreen LCD TVs of the Regza family with a diagonal screen from 37 to 55 inches. New items grouped in three series: ZX8000, ZH8000 and Z8000.The first series is represented by two models with a diagonal of […]

Ultrathin TV Sony Bravia ZX1 is ready to enter the market

Sony Bravia ZX1

Sony introduced the public the most delicate in the world of LCD-TV, which will sell in November at a price of 490,000 yen ($ 4551). This 40-inch TV set is called the Bravia ZX1, and its very thick is the width of 28 mm, and most of all, a thin 9.9 […]