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The whole world in one acoustic column

The Yamaha Sound Projector YSP-1000

The company Yamaha has a new idea of the latest generation of surround sound. The Yamaha Sound Projector YSP-1000 promises full physical 5 channel surround sound from one single box.


You have decided to buy the iPhone 3G – a review of the device

iPhone 3G

Less than a year since the appearance of the first iPhone, as Apple introduced the long-awaited iPhone 3G second generation of slightly modified design and a host of new opportunities, access to high-speed wireless 3G,your e-mail Microsoft Exchange server and the support of various programs from third-party applications from the store iPhone […]

Vertu Constellation Black – on the wings of dreams

Vertu Constellation Black

Vertu is an elite division of Nokia, which specializes in manufacturing mobile phones, luxury for VIP guests.Owners of Vertu phones are typically middle-aged wealthy people who do not need more advanced multimedia functionality in the phone, or any fancy function.Owners of mobile phones Vertu love their phones for perfect, one can […]

World of virtual reality with the eMagin Z800 3D Visor

eMagin Z800 3D Visor

If you’re a real gamer, uses the most unusual keyboards, mouse, joysticks and consoles to create the most realistic sensations obtained during the game, you probably have at least a cursory understanding of the 3D stereo glasses, and helmets virtual realitythat enable radically change the understanding of thethat […]

MSI NetOn AP1900 – “atomic” desktop

MSI NetOn AP1900

Despite the fact that the interest of the market to thin clients, PCs and compact monobloc internet terminals there for several years, manufacturers of such systems until recently been reluctant to move their products onto the platform Intel Atom.Activities in the promotion of new products based on it recovered only at […]

Dell Studio 1535 – 7 colors rainbow

Dell Studio 1535

Multimedia notebooks Dell Studio is easy to learn for some positive features of devices more expensive Dell XPS gaming line of notebook and entry-level Inspiron. Model Studio 1535 has quite a few modifications.

Notebook Dell Studio 1535 are available in different variations of cover design, 7 colors (Plum Purple, Tangerine Orange, […]