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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

The singer, model, the actress, the designer, the author, business of the lady is all Paris Hilton. Her career of the designer and the perfumer has begun in 2004 when Paris Hilton has created perfume line Parlux Fragrances, including aromas for men. Following step from outside Paris became creations of new perfume in 2007, named Can Can and cosmetics lines on care of hair. The subsequent perfume from Paris Hilton has been named Paris Hilton, Just Me, Heiress and Fairy Dust.
Same year Hilton has signed the licence agreement with Antebi for manufacturing of a line of footwear “Paris Hilton Footware”: featuring stilettos, platforms, flats, wedges, and a sports collection. Also Paris Hilton has let out the collection of female glamour clothes including tops, dresses, jeans, coats and accessories. Today primary colour of the glamour blonde became pink, and its collections are bought up by admirers of a fashion from Paris.

11 comments to Paris Hilton

  • Bronwyn Purcell

    I would very much love to see more, more than I would like to see Paris Hilton in person!

  • Madalyn Muzyka

    I would love Paris Hilton to come and stay with me for a week, then she would see what the real world was about…fame and fortune is not everything and it certainly doesn’t make you a ‘good’ person!

  • Latanya Selders

    Paris Hilton was caught for having cocaine. Wonderful, and now we can certainly waste six months hearing the way one more stupid wealthy lady spent 4 days in jail.

  • Commercial Kitchen Appliances

    Paris Hilton And Her Boyfriend Caught By Las Vegas Police…

    This woman is back. Paris Hilton arrested for cocaine possession by Las Vegas police…

  • Donut Coupon

    Paris Hilton’s parent’s cash can buy her approach out of this too because it invariably does. Why doesn’t she do something constructive together with her popularity????? She is simply an immature one who has only her best interests at heart. It is a shame that fame buys all types of things but the majority of solely do for themselves. She could be a selfish spoiled brat….

  • Bubble Mailers

    I think Paris Hilton was done up to look like Marilyn Monroe for her new fragrance TEASE. So of course they would have her look a bit older for the photo shoot.

  • Fleshlight

    That guy just looks dangerous. I doubt that six years will rehabilitate him, probably nothing will. Too bad one of Paris’ bodyguards didn’t see him with a knife, then we probably wouldn’t even have to try him, just bury him.

  • Stock Trading Strategy

    Hilton needs to get a grip. Great potential, just needs to set her priorities straight.

  • Satellite TV For PC

    did you see paris hilton caught on the news on her balcony in just a bath towel? wow! they said she did it to show she was ok after that guy tried to break into her house.

  • Stock Trading Strategies

    Paris should take a break from the party scene for a while.

  • how to get 6 pack abs

    Paris Hilton is a crucified and misunderstood angel for having foibles, only the press and public opinion magnifies those mistakes beyond what is reasonable.

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