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The company Beeline is a Russian operator “Vimpel-Communications”, under which it provides services to mobile (GSM and UMTS) connection, a wired (FTTB) and wireless (Wi-Fi, «Beeline WiFi») high-speed Internet access, IP-TV (” Beeline TV and Mobile TV “). “Beeline” – the most expensive brand in Russia according to Interbrand. “Beeline” brand – one […]

Ultra thin laptop Dell Adamo – $ 2000 for perfection

Dell Adamo

Recently the company Dell officially introduced the long-awaited ultrathin notebook Adamo. New price of $ 2000 will probably become the main competitor to the famous Apple MacBook Air.




ASUS is continuously gaining momentum in the field communicators, producing a lot of devices of different shapes and designs. It’s no secret that the next innovation will become a model of M930W. In recent times, was not interested in small form-factor record, as the Nokia E90 and the Toshiba G920. So ASUS […]

Youth smartphone Nokia N81

Nokia N81

A new youth smartphone Nokia N81 is the second attempt to promote the company’s Nokia in mobile gaming content. As you know, the first entry (Nokia N-Gage and N-Gage QD) was not particularly successful. Unlike most smart phones the company is minimal, of the features at first acquaintance with the characteristics […]

New Wi-Fi photo frames Toshiba JournE Air

JournE Air 1000

The European division of Toshiba has announced an early market entry of two new digital photo, which will become part of product line JournE Air. A feature is the availability of new wireless communication module Wi-Fi.


You have decided to buy the iPhone 3G – a review of the device

iPhone 3G

Less than a year since the appearance of the first iPhone, as Apple introduced the long-awaited iPhone 3G second generation of slightly modified design and a host of new opportunities, access to high-speed wireless 3G,your e-mail Microsoft Exchange server and the support of various programs from third-party applications from the store iPhone […]

MSI NetOn AP1900 – “atomic” desktop

MSI NetOn AP1900

Despite the fact that the interest of the market to thin clients, PCs and compact monobloc internet terminals there for several years, manufacturers of such systems until recently been reluctant to move their products onto the platform Intel Atom.Activities in the promotion of new products based on it recovered only at […]