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Intel Corporation – U.S. super giant corporation that has provided the world of electrical engineering. The company provides a wide range of devices. Settled its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. The success of the hit in 1971, when Intel joined with the Japanese Busicom. Then designed a general-purpose microprocessor the Intel 4004. And […]

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited – TSMC

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) – the largest Taiwanese manufacturer of semiconductor wafers. Company TSMC produces chips for companies such as ATI, Broadcom, Conexant, Marvell, NVIDIA, VIA, Intel. Market capitalization of the company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited in June 2009 was $ 42,723 million. […]

HP officially introduced the compact mediaserver MediaSmart Server LX195

HP MediaSmart Server LX195

Some time after the emergence of new photos on the Web mediaserver from HP, the company introduced this product officially. Through the use of the platform Intel Atom, MediaSmart Server LX195 get much more energy efficient than other similar products of HP, but the use of external power source allowing […]

Ultra thin laptop Dell Adamo – $ 2000 for perfection

Dell Adamo

Recently the company Dell officially introduced the long-awaited ultrathin notebook Adamo. New price of $ 2000 will probably become the main competitor to the famous Apple MacBook Air.


AMD has developed 6-cores processor

The company demonstrated a working 6-cores AMD processor, said The Tech Report. The code name of the chip that is included in the family of Opteron, – Istanbul.

Istanbul was created in compliance with 45-nanometer production methods. It supports memory DDR2.The amount of cache at the third level of the chip is equal to six […]