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CMS Energy

CMS Energy

CMS Energy – U.S. energy company that supplies natural gas and electricity for 6 million U.S. residents. CMS Energy Company operates in the energy market is already 120 years old. CMS Energy Company since 2001 razrabytvaet oil field offshore in the Red Sea.Financial revenues of the company CMS Energy in 2009 were […]



GAS – Stylish Italian clothes for women and men. The company prefers to use only natural materials. For Fashionistas is a very wide range of colors, from the strict shades to the global vanguard.The buyer is interesting – sports style of intellectual youth.


Ruble joined the three most depreciated currencies of Europe

Russian Ruble

In the three most depreciated currencies in Europe for the past six months includes the Ukrainian hryvnia, the Polish zloty and the Russian ruble. This writes the Ukrainian newspaper “Delo“, analyzed the rate of devaluation of currencies in Eastern Europe.

The leader of the rating was the hryvna – for six months, […]

In March, Gazprom may again stop the flow of gas Ukraine

“Gazprom” on March 8 may again stop fuel supplies to Ukraine. Gas valve closing out if Naftogaz of Ukraine to the March 7, did not pay for delivered in February 2009, raw material, writes the newspaper Kommersant.At the Board of Directors Deputy Chairman of Russia’s near monopoly of “Gazprom” Andrey Kruglov said that by this […]